Movica Beta 0.6.6

Join, split or edit WMV, FLV and MPEG files


  • Allows you to edit .wmv, .flv .rm and .mpg files
  • Lots of keyboard shortcuts to make editing easy


  • Status messages can be confusing

Not bad

There are plenty of programs for editing .avi files, but certain formats - like .wmv, .flv, .rm and .mpg files - are not as well catered for. Movica aims to solve this by allowing you to edit these formats in one program via a simple graphical user interface.

The Movica developers have attempted to make this as simple as possible by creating tons of desktop shortcuts. In a nutshell, Movica allows you to select or delete multiple portions from a video file, copy, paste and fine tune the selections and join them together.

Once the selections are made, you can refine them by using a slider which appears at the bottom. The resulting output image from the converting engine is shown in the 'Trace' window which will also display a simple 'Success' or 'Failure' message. The problem is that sometimes the "Failure" message will appear when the cut has been a success, so check the files first before taking Movica's warnings too seriously.

Movica is a simple, open-source app for basic editing and splitting of less usual formats.

Movica allows you to edit and playback .wmv, .flv .rm and .mpg files.

Everything can be carried out by using the simple graphical interface or using shortcuts on your keyboard.



Movica Beta 0.6.6

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